20. Sep, 2018

Tamil Movie The Immortal Free Download

Tamil Movie The Immortal Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

An immortal warrior hunts down demons in the modern-day world.

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original title: The Immortal

genge: Action,Horror,Thriller

imdb: 7.6

duration: 1h

tags: He cannot die. He cannot forget. He will not forgive.

keywords: demon, immortal, martialarts, goodversusevil, demonhunter, babescientist, archangel, katanasword

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In the 16th century or so, Raphael Cain's wife was killed by demons and his daughter kidnapped. He swore an oath to kill every demon on earth, and he and his squire Goodwin were given immortality to complete his oath. Now, in the 20th century, Cain and Goodwin team up with a para-psychologist to defeat the demons once and for all. An immortal warrior hunts down demons in the modern-day world. It's too bad the film industry doesn't take advantage of using Mr. Lamas's talents more often. I'd really like to see him in more films (or TV)! He's a wonderful actor and Martial artist! I wish I had one tenth of his drive. He's very easy on the eyes, too! I really would like to see more of him. I watched this thing because I was in bed sick and I really had no other thing to watch, and boy did I regret it because I got sicker just watching it. Horrible effects, horrible acting, horrible dialogue. It rips off Highlander in so many respects that it's criminal. Even then, it doesn't even approach how good Highlander was.


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